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The roof is a top covering on your home that provides protection from atmospheric impact on your house. It must not only be aesthetically beautiful but enough durable and quality to protect you from rain, snow, sunlight, high temperatures, and wind.

Your roof is one of the foremost expensive elements of your home.

A roofing examination and repair will guarantee a durable roof for you and your family. However, a roof that needs frequent repairs, it’s going to have to be replaced. A new roof on your home will increase your house charm, the worth of your home and offers you peace of mind. Plus, a brand new roof will improve energy efficiency, drastically decreasing the value of your utility bills! Contact your residential roofing contractor in Los Angeles today! LA Green Development can help you start with an assessment to deciding on building materials and the design, all the way to the finished product.

How can you tell if you need a new roof?

You don’t need to wait until your roof is leaking to understand you want to exchange it. Here are some recommendations to help you test if you want to restoration your roof:

Roof Age – how old is your roof? Experts endorse to change the roof every 20-25 years.

If your roof is missing shingles, or the shingles are crumbling or curved – that’s a good signal to change your roof.

You can see sunlight from the roof – if you could see daylight coming through the roof that could be a particular signal that you need to exchange your roof.

Check for water damage throughout the house – if you all of sudden see water damage on the ceiling throughout your property you should get a specialist to test your roof.

Install a Cool Roof in Los Angeles

A cool roof is a special roof coating that delivers better sun reflectance (the capability to reduce infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, therefore without absorbing heat through the roof) and better thermal emittance (the ability to radiate absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy) than trendy designed roofing products.

Just as wearing light color clothing can help maintain you cool on a sunny day, cool roofs material is designed to reflect greater daylight and absorb much less warmth than well-known roofing. Cool roofs can be made from an especially reflective type of paint, a sheet covering, or especially reflective tiles or shingles. Standard or darkish roofs can attain temperatures of 150°F or greater within the summer sun. A cool roof under the same conditions could be more than 50°F cooler and save electricity and money by using less air conditioning.

What are the benefits of a cool roof coating?

Increase Roof Life: A coating can help expand your roof service life up to 10 years.

Reduce Energy Use: The reflective and emissive coatings result in reduced roof temperatures and energy use requirements throughout daytime hours, lowering the load on the HVAC system.

Aesthetic Improvements: Rather than replacing an unsightly, old roof, the cool roof coating can improve the appearance of a roof.

Microclimate management: in lots of low-slope roofs, areas of ponding water can occur. In these localized areas, many types of roofing membranes are susceptible to deterioration and eventual leakage. Using carefully selected coating products and applications in those affected areas can lengthen the life of the whole roof system.

Cost-Effective: Since the cool roof coating is applied at once on top of your present roof, it doesn’t require the quantity of hard work that comes with brand new roof installation, consequently saving time and money. Cool roof coating lasts up to ten years whilst maintained properly.

Heat Reflection: A highly-reflective roof coating reduces electricity costs and provides UV protection. It reduces warmth switch into the building, reducing thermal shock (thermal enlargement and contraction of the roof membrane) and adding longevity for your roof while decreasing maintenance costs (only requires elimination or dust and debris) but offering a cooler building.

Lightweight: Coatings are durable but additionally lightweight, in order that they don’t add stress for your present roof.

Reliable: Most cool roof coating structures can be recoated every 8-10 years to lengthen its lifespan and ensure reflection and waterproofing.

Productivity: Unlike building a new roof, applying a coating layer won’t disrupt your property.

Flat Roof Coatings in Los Angeles

Flat roof coatings can be a cost-effective way to extend the carrier lifestyles of your roof whilst lowering power expenses.

A flat roof coating can be the right choice for your property, specifically in time while labor costs and environmental issues are rising. A coating acts as a barrier to help defend the roof from the temperature and radiation factors by using increasing UV safety to fight towards the sun’s dangerous rays and assisting to lessen the building’s energy expenses.

Roof coatings are liquid-implemented and offer a monolithic, uniform membrane that helps protect and preserve the underlying roof surface. They can be applied to most sorts of roofs and are an alternative roof system that works along with your current roof.

ENERGY STAR rated Roof Shingles

ENERGY STAR certified roof shingles reflect most of the sun’s rays. This feature can decrease roof floor temperature by way of up to 50F, decreasing the amount of warmth transferred into a construction.
ENERGY STAR certified roof shingles can help lessen the quantity of air conditioning needed in buildings and can lessen top cooling demand by means of 10-15 percent. Although there are inherent benefits within the use of reflective roofing, before selecting a roofing product based totally on anticipated strength financial savings, consumers should explore the anticipated calculated outcomes that can be discovered on the Department of Energy’s Cool Roof Calculator. Other factors that may affect the overall energy efficiency of the building are facility design, insolation, climatic conditions, building location, and building envelope efficiency, so for the best estimate contact our cool roof specialists.

SureNail technology for better energy efficiency and exceptional wind resistance

To add extra protection of your home, consider choosing SureNail Technology roof shingles. Strength and durability are built into every SureNail shingle. A unique structure in the nailing area provides outstanding gripping power.

Breakthrough Design

Featuring a tough, woven engineered reinforcing material in the nailing area that promotes easy, fast and constant nail gun fastening.

Blow-Through Resistance

During large field trials, 87% of contractors rated the brand new Duration shingles with SureNail Technology as “the best” for blow-thru resistance as compared to other shingles. Less blow-thru can bring about fewer callbacks.

Excellent Adhesive Power

Specially formulated, huge adhesive bands help hold shingle layers laminated together.

Triple Layer Protection®

A unique “triple layer” of reinforcement takes place while the material overlays the common bond of the shingle laminate layers, offering extremely good fastener conserving power.

Lays Flat

The new bolstered nailing strip retains the lay-flat characteristics you’ve got come to assume from Duration Series products. The end result is a flat installed appearance with much less ability for shingle deformation and homeowner callbacks.

Superior Adhesion

Our greater Tru-Bond®† sealant grips tightly to the engineered cloth nailing strip at the shingle below.

Exceptional Wind Resistance

The industry’s first asphalt roofing shingle engineered to supply 130-MPH wind assurance performance with the best four nails. Fewer nails required can imply fewer deck penetrations.

TruDefinition® SureNail

33% fewer nails are required for optimum assurance protection, which can mean fewer deck penetrations.

A Visible Difference

The extraordinarily seen strengthened woven material nailing strip offers contractors a promoting benefit by presenting tangible product differentiation.

Keep in mind that:

Summer days are longer – Longest summer day lasts more than 15 hours.

Cooling costs more than heating – Reducing cooling costs provides a greater savings potential. 

With an energy-efficient cool roof, the cost of comfort can be affordable. Cool roofs are not high-tech, they are actually a simple and effective way to lower energy costs.

Socal Energy Power provides excellent and high quality energy efficient products, coupled with unmatched customer service, at the most competitive pricing in the market today.


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