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Best Solar Panels Installation in Los Angeles, CA

Every day, the earth is receiving a lot of solar energy – more than 173 thousand of terawatts – tens of thousands of times more than the overall world’s everyday consumption. It’s a completely free source of electrical energy!

What solar panels made of & how they work?

Solar panels are made of small units called solar cells.  Solar cells are made of semiconductors called silicon. When the ray of sun activates the flow of electrons inside the silicon layer in solar cells Рa positive and negative charge in the cell is created. Moving electrons go into the output electrical circuit and can power electrical appliances with direct current. With an inverter, direct current (DC) can be converted to analog current (AC), in the form we use electricity today. Electrons are the only moving parts in a solar cell and there is nothing that can wear out or used out them, so solar cells can last for 25 or even 35 years. For more power, solar cells are connected in solar panel, and thus generate higher yields.

Solar energy can reduce carbon footprint, reduce monthly utility bills and increase the value of your home for 3-5%, and this is the only investment that will pay off for itself! 

  • With your own solar panel installation, you can generate free electricity from solar panels to power your appliances. You can lower your electricity bills by up to 70%. And the sun does not issue the bill.
  • With your own solar panel installation, your home will reduce consumption from conventional sources of energy such as oil, gas and coal, and therefore reduce harmful impact on the environment.
  • Houses with solar panels are more likely to be sold than average homes. If you ever consider selling your house, you can increase the value of your property by 3% to 5% only with solar panel installation!
  • With significant monthly savings, your own solar power system can pay off for itself, and remain a completely free source of energy for many years to come.
  • With your own solar panel installation, you no longer have to worry about power cuts.

Solar Panel Incentives Los Angeles,CA

California is offering cashback for commercial and residential solar panel installations. With the California Solar Initiative, thousands of homeowners and business owners already earned cash back rebates. Solar rebate is a chance that you shouldn’t miss – with all available financial programs and rebates, the initial investment in solar panel installation can be significantly lower and more affordable. And by generating free power from the sun, the return of an investment will be faster if you choose to apply for financial support.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Federal solar tax credit that is offered for residential and commercial solar panel installation in California will amount to 26% of solar panel installation costs by the end of 2020. For every homeowner or business owner, this 26% off of the initial investment is a significant return. Already in 2021. the federal solar tax credit will be 22% of solar investment, and 2022. only utility-scale solar system owners can have 10% back on their investment, residential clients will not be entitled to get a refund from the IRS.

Solar tax credit is accounted for complete solar panel installation costs and you can count to refund 26% from your taxes on:

  • solar panels
  • solar installation components (inverter, battery storage, charger controller, net meter)
  • mounting material
  • connection material
  • projecting
  • permits
  • contractor services

Do you qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credit?

If you are a taxpayer (whether you are a business owner or homeowner) and want to invest in the solar power system (with or without battery storage) which will generate power by the 31st December 2020. – you are entitled to a refund of 26% of your taxes from the IRS.

What’s next?

If you are a California based homeowner or business owner, follow a few simple steps to claim a financial return that is offered in California:

1. Energy-efficient Evaluation

Make sure that the solar power system for your home or business meets the requirements to be a cost-effective way to save energy and money.

2. Find Solar Installer

Qualified solar installer company can maximize the benefits of the solar power system and get the most energy for your property.

3. Apply for Rebates

Your solar contractor will handle the California Solar Initiative and Solar Tax Credit application for you. Also, there are dozens of additional financial programs and rebates that are ongoing in California, and which your contractors can inform you about.

4. Install your System

Solar installation company in California can install your system properly in 2-3 days and interconnect your own solar power system the utility’s power grid.

5. Claim your Incentive

Once your solar panel installation is turned on, you can submit the Incentive Claim Form.

Start today!

Contact our solar panel installation specialist and apply for solar incentives! You can be sure that you are always one step ahead when using vast free energy from the sun. LA Green Development can ensure the most advanced solutions both in product and in service, thus improving your life quality and saving you money in your pocket.

Socal Energy Power provides excellent and high quality energy efficient products, coupled with unmatched customer service, at the most competitive pricing in the market today.


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