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Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2020

Choosing the best central air conditioning brand may be a difficult decision. It’s a serious investment in energy efficiency which will add years of comfort — and increase your overall home’s value on the market.

There are many options available, so how does one choose a reliable central air-conditioning system which will bring you the biggest value?

This guide of the most effective central air conditioning brands of 2020 will filter benefits and make it easy for you to choose the best air conditioning system for your home. 

List of the best Air Conditioner Manufacturers of 2020

How to choose the best central Air Conditioning brand?

There are several things to check on when choosing a proper air conditioning system. Don’t make a decision based on the initial price – a less expensive unit at the beginning, may cost you more in repairs or utility bills at the end of the day. When choosing the best central air conditioning brands of 2020, consider the following important factors:

Home Size

Manufacturers are designing central air-condition units consistent with the dimensions of the spaces they’re going to cool or heat. In this case, the term “size” isn’t about air conditioner’s dimensions, but it is its ability to supply cooled or heated air. Actually, it is an artistry to pick the right-sized unit in order that you don’t buy much bigger (and more expensive) than you would like or is just too small and has got to work harder and inefficiently to chill your home. Our central airconditioning specialist will assist you to decide which size is best for you.

Energy Efficiency

A unit’s energy-efficiency rating will predict what proportion it’ll cost to run your AC. The upper the rating, the more efficient your system will be, and therefore the more you’ll save on your utility bill. Some common terms you ought to know are:

EER and SEER (search for the oblong yellow Energy Guide sticker or tag on your AC device)

EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) shows what proportion of electricity the system must run at 95°F outside and maintain 80°F with 50% humidity inside. SEER shows a unit’s efficiency because the temperature in your area changes each season.

The more efficient the air-conditioning system, the upper the amount, with a minimum rating of 13 EER.

ENERGY STAR certification 

ENERGY STAR represents the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency designed to assist consumers to know how much will cost them to run their own air-conditioning system. Energy star product comparison makes it easy to choose a low energy consumption unit and a higher efficient product, that saves money and protects the environment.

HSPF – Heating Seasonal Performance Factor measures the efficiency of a system’s device. It measures a unit’s heat output and overall heating energy consumption, during a typical heating season. A bigger number means greater energy efficiency.


There are a variety of things that enter the price and value of air conditioning, such as size, labor, brand and installation. On average, central air conditioning costs range from $3,000 to $5,000.


A reliable warranty will prevent thousands of dollars for repairs over the lifetime of the unit. Different parts may have longer or shorter coverage, so read the fine print. Search for a guaranty with a term of a minimum of 10 years or longer. A guaranty that will transfer to the subsequent homeowner is a beautiful selling benefit.

Advanced Features

Advanced features can increase your home’s comfort level and personal convenience. Some features worth considering include:

  • Smart programmable thermostats.

A system with zones inside the house that will be individually controlled to regulate the temperature in several rooms. Bathroom, living room and bedroom need a different temperature to be comfortable places to stay. No need to waste energy while heating or cooling your home.

  • HEPA filters will remove allergens from the air. This feature makes better air quality inside the home.
  • A dehumidifier is controlling moisture and therefore the possibility of mold.
  • Quality insulation can bring a quieter operation of the unit, therefore a peaceful night.

Customer Reviews

Websites like Consumer Reports and Better Business Bureau provide customer reviews of various air conditioner brands. Look for other people’s recommendations and experiences to see how a central AC manufacturer handles customer support and what to expect when hiring HVAC installer.

AC Installation

Installation may be a vital element to think about. An improper install could void the manufacturer’s warranty, damage the unit or even lower your unit’s energy efficiency. Search for an installer that’s certified installer and offers a guaranty on the installation of the air-conditioning system.

Top 5 Air Conditioning Residential Brands

Here’s a summary of the best central air conditioning brands of 2020 and their features.

1. Goodman

Goodman air conditioner is the top-notch brand. Goodman air conditioners are a good choice if you live in hotter environments, and want efficiency and comfort at a low cost.

Types of central air conditioners: 5 models to satisfy different capacities. Goodman is offering units for a wide range of home spaces, from small to large.

Energy ratings: 14. to 19 SEER.

Sound ratings: 40 – 70 decibels.
Advanced features: Factory installed filter driers reduces humidity, but also filters residual system contaminants.

Pricing/cost level ($ – $$): $$
Warranties: Standard 10-year warranty that covers both parts and labor and a lifetime compressor warranty which makes it one of the best deals in the market.

Customer satisfaction: Goodman is among the reliable brand within the Consumer Reports survey.

LA Green Development rate: If you don’t sleep in a hot area, a Goodman unit might not be well worth the price and efficiency rating. In Los Angeles area, Goodman air conditioner is a perfect match for your home.
Find out more about Goodman air conditioners.

2. Amana

Michigan-based air conditioner company Amana has been manufacturing HVAC systems since 1934. Amana central AC systems are the most affordable on the market, but the quality and reliability are at a high level.

Types of central air conditioners: Eight types, including single to variable-speed models.

Energy ratings: 14 to 24.5 SEER range.

Sound ratings: 59dB to 71dB.

Advanced features: ComfortBridge smart home technology gathers the system’s performance data to automatically make adjustments and minimize energy consumption.

Pricing/cost level ($ – $$): $

Warranties: Besides the 10-year warranty, compressors accompany a Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty.

Customer satisfaction: Most complaints on Consumer Affairs are about the warranty not being transferable or not covering the installation of covered replacement parts.

LA Green Development rate: Ideal for warmer climates thanks to their higher SEER rating. Excellent for Los Angeles hot temperatures. The unit’s installation costs might be above other brands, offsetting the lower cost point of the unit.

Find out more about Amana air conditioners.

3. Carrier

Carrier is Florida’s air-conditioners manufacturer since 1912. Carrier is known to be a  reliable air-conditioner system and has an impressive reputation for top-of-the-line  central air-conditioner and HVAC systems.

Type of central air conditioners: no matter single-stage and two-stage models within the range, all are built with quality Copeland compressors, so the cooling of your home is more precise.

Energy ratings: Up to a 21 SEER rating.

Sound ratings: 49dB to 72dB.

Advanced features: Carrier makes the quietest central air conditioners on the market because of their great quality insulation.

Pricing/cost level ($ – $$): $$

Warranties: 10-year parts warranty.

Customer satisfaction: Considering Carrier has been in business for over 100 years, the installer doesn’t have many complaints.

LA Green Development rate: Carrier requires installers to be certified, therefore proper installation is a guarantee to your investment.
Find out more about Carrier air conditioners.

4. Lennox

Lennox was founded in 1895 in Texas. They provide many high-efficiency AC units for every  pocket, including one with a powerful 26 SEER rating, twice the minimum requirement.

Types of central air conditioners: 11 models featuring two-stage or variable speed compressors, for more precisely cooling.

Energy ratings: 9 out of 11 of the units are ENERGY STAR qualified. Their highest rating is 26 SEER.
Sound ratings: 41dB to 76dB.

Advanced features: The XC25 model features a 26 SEER – for the lower running cost of the air conditioner.
Pricing/cost level ($ – $$): $$

Warranties: The unit and parts are covered by Lennox for five years from installation. Premium models have a 10-year warranty.

Customer satisfaction: Lennox is among the more reliable central air systems in Consumer Reports’ owner survey.

LA Green Development rate: apart from the XC25, other units are costlier than similar competitor offerings. The warranty period is very short, compared to other manufacturers.
Find out more about Lennox air conditioners.

5. Rheem

Rheem starts HVAC system manufacturing in 1970 and is known for its efficient and  affordable AC units.

Types of central air conditioners: Three series of multi-stage and variable speed central AC units are their standard offerings. Their competition considers those features as premium add-ons.

Energy ratings: Up to 23 SEER.

Sound ratings: 55dB to 72dB.

Advanced features: EcoNet-enabled systems are often programmed and voice-controlled using Amazon Alexa.

Pricing/cost level ($ – $$): $

Warranties: 10 years limited warranty on parts and compressors if you register your product within 90 days of buying.

Customer satisfaction: the foremost common customer complaint is about unhelpful customer service.

LA Green Development rate: Rheem is manufacturing solid units at a middle price range. But the corporation doesn’t require certified installers, which can create issues if the unit isn’t installed properly.
Find out more about Rheem air conditioners.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What are the simplest central air conditioning brands 2020?

The best central air conditioning brands of 2020 that LA Green Development recommends, and based on many factors, including Amana, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, and Goodman.

2. What is the best-rated air conditioner?

If you’re trying to find the highest-rated air-con system, Lennox’s XC25 model is on the top of the list in energy efficiency with a SEER rating of 26 – the very best rating on the market and double the minimum rating that is required. Carrier offers the quietest range of central air conditioners on the market with a sound rating as low as 49 dB.

3. How do I select an air conditioning for my home?

When choosing an AC system for your home, there are seven main factors to consider: cost, customer reviews, energy efficiency, features, home size, installation, and warranty. 

But, for reliable and expert assessment for your home’s HVAC system, please consult with our HVAC specialists.

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